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"How A Witch Programmed Her Dog To Cause Me Wet Dreams"

"Please, wake Christians up!" The Voice is not just to me, it to all of you woken by these writings. Wake others, play time is over! The End Time is already ending!

Advent of cell phones marked a new dawn. The line between the spiritual and physical is fast thinning out. Holy Spirit is grieved that many Christians are have been hoodwinked to think real Power is when a human being has attributes similar to the ones manifested by witches and wizards. Culture and traditions have largely influenced and limited our view and ability to maximize our privilege as seated with Christ far above all principalities as powers.

Those days when I was a baby Christian, I relocated to a new house. Everybody around the area were the nicest people have ever met in life. Soon after I moved into the house, I realized that at a particular time most nights, I will have sexual dream and woke up with damped underneath. This was so annoying because I couldn't even recall the dream most times. I managed to realize that it's a demonic attack, so I fasted till just 12:00pm and prayed that God should help me and show me what was happening. For the 3 days of the fasting I didn't see anything. Infact, the nonsense happened again on the 3rd day that I concluded the fasting.

Just when I thought God didn't hear let alone answer my prayer, on the 4th day, I don't know how I woke up around 2:30pm. I laid still to recall my dream and realized I was in the middled of the incubus dream again. After the romance, just as she climbed me I said no I won't! And that was when I woke up. But the real shocking thing is what happened next. I want all Christians reading this to know that we live by Faith not by sight. Those that Satan has initiated live by sight think they are powerful because they can see what other don't see by the help of the demons that enslave them for life. Walking by Faith is far more superior and powerful than walking by sight because it earns you respect of demons, Angels and everything in the Universe.

Those that sell their right of eternal Life to Satan, in this short life on this side of Eternity just because they want to be able to see into the spiritual realm, have really cheated themselves and their eternal glorious destinies as humans. Living by Faith in your CREATOR guarantee that HE'll reward us with our awaiting Immortality that HE promised us, it is more sensible than trading that eternal Life for shallow ability to see and interact with demons in this current temporary short life

So, as I thank God that I was able to resist that night and tried to go back to sleep. Something (that I now know to be Holy Spirit) made me feel like "if you sleep without dealing with the cause, you will still lose again". There and then, I realized I could hear a dog not too far barking in strange contact way. The barking has been going on before I woke up, and still continued. There is no kind of shouting or loud prayer that would ever physically be heard at the dog's distance. So, skeptically and most reluctantly, I felt like "what would I lose if I pray against the barking see if it stops". I just silently muttered prayer that "you the demonic lust programing dog, I command you to shut up in Jesus Name" And to my rudest shock, it stopped immediately!

I thought it was a mistake and I didn't pray for few days, the attack started again. So, I set my phone alarm to vibrate and wake at that particular time. Lo and behold, the demonic lists programming dog backing again! And as soon as I said Short prayer against it stopped. I was so mad that I declared 21days personal war vigil against it. And after that, for over 2 years that I lived there, I never here that strange dog barking again. HalleluYAH!
It was much later as I grow in Christ that I was able to identify that particular dog and the owner. Share you testimonies of Victories in Christ JESUS too, help build other Christians faith. "Iron sharpeneth Iron" Proverbs 27:17


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