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"My Wife Wants To Leave Me"

Please i created this moniker to seek advise on this issue.

I got married to my wife in 2018 and there's already an issue that is threatening our young marriage.

We dated briefly 10 years ago before she travelled to the US for schooling. She stayed there for a while and then got into a relationship over there with a guy i know (I wasn't close friends with the guy). I had to move on with my life and got into a relationship of my own here in Nigeria.
Back then, i use to have this silly habit of creating anonymous facebook accounts where i would add people i know and comment on their posts and pictures without them ever knowing i was the one. I dropped many comments back then and one such incident happened to be a time i commented on her close friend's picture, telling her (the friend) she was pretty and how i wanted her. This was almost 10 years ago and i swear i never meant any of those words. It was just a silly joke and i had completely forgotten all that.
My wife returned Nigeria in 2016 and somehow we reconnected and got married in 2018.

Just last week, she stumbled on those posts i made in 2010-2011 and got really heartbroken and upset. Right now, even after pleading with her, she says she wants to quit the marriage. She packed a few of her stuff and travelled home to Abia state from our base in Lagos. So far, what she told her family in the east is that she just came back to visit them for a little while because she couldn't come back during xmas.
Now she's threatening that i won't see my 1 year old son anytime soon cos she's already making plans of relocating abroad for good.

Please my question is this; Do you think this issue is enough to cause this kind of disharmony in our home?
What do you advice?
Thank you


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