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Should I Recommend My Best "Team Member" For A Higher Position Off My Team?

Please I want you to judge me but, while you do that, please be sincere. I will make it brief. Please dont mind the typo errors or any errors as we have many English teachers on board.

It all started about 3moths now, I works with an FMCG Multinational Company as a Field Sales Manager and I was newly transferred to one of the northern state from Lagos.

I arrived this state as a Johny Just Come (JJC) and I can barely speak ordinary 'Wa kin pa o' (come make I kill You), I am a Yoruba Man.
I met an existing Sales team which I inherited from the previous manager.
One of the Sales people is Mr X. Oh my God! This guy is just so exceptionally intelligent, smart, hardworking, dexterous and has the qualities to be a great Manager. He is still an Open Market Sales Rep despite the years he has put in the Business.

Mr X took me round the Territory, helped introduced me to existing distributors and we were able to recruited more. My line manager was so surprised that i was able to fit into the new environment easily and met 72% of my target for the first month within that shortest time. This particular Mr X has so much channels he can singlehandedly do 50% of the entire secondary sales while the remaining sales rep struggled with the rest.

Now this where I'll need your advise. There is a new vacant slots for the post of TSM, three (3)northern states and one(1) south eastern state. I have opportunity to sloth Mr X's CV so he can be called for exams and possibly interviews. I am more than sure this guy will get the job with my help and his effort.

The problem is "I CAN'T LET MR X GO NOW" I decided to work out ridiculous incentives for him to increase his pay and he was so happy about it this month. He received 2x of what he always received monthly for the last few years...but yet, my conscience wont let me rest till now as it is about 48 hours to the close of submission for CVs.

I need this guy on board so badly atleast for like 4 to 5 months when I'll find my feet on this ground..I have looked around the remaining sales team atleast for a replacement but the rest are just.......This environment still looks like I am being pushed here to suffer..If you have been to core north, you will understand.

**I know God pushed him to me and I am very grateful. I'm I being wivked or self centered by holding on from sending his CV?

**I'm I going to be so stupid for allowing him Go now.

Pls advise me on what to do..


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