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"Our Tenant Refuse To Vacate Our Apartment After 10 Months Quit Notice"

Good day all.

Please, I need your advice on one wicked stubborn tenant. My family gave this our tenant a quick notice since February this year 2019. As a matter of fact, the tenant and our family went to Lagos Arbitration and Mediation Centre. It was at the Mediation Centre that we both reached an agreement that he should leave our apartment.

So, we gave him 6 months quit notice in February, 2019. His previous house rent elapsed that same February, 2019. So, for the 6 months quit notice we gave him, he didn't pay any money. He actually said he would need 6 months to search for another apartment at that meeting we had with him at the Mediation Centre in February. So, we gave him the 6 months for free.

The 6 months we gave him elapsed at the end of August, 2019. When the 6 months elapsed, he refused to vacate the apartment. So, my family went back to the Lagos Mediation Centre to complain. The Mediation Centre sent him (the tenant) a letter giving him 7 days ultimatum to vacate the apartment. At the end of the 7 days, this man refused to leave. My family complained again to the Mediation Centre and they said they would look into it.

After another 3 months again by last November, 2019, this tenant refused to leave the apartment. My family went back again to the Lagos Mediation Centre and one of the officials there said "So, the man has not left the house since?". We responded yes. At the Mediation Centre there, they said something like they are incapacitated by the law to take any action.

This is December now going to an end. The tenant is still in the house. He has refused to vacate the apartment. It's about 10 months now living in our apartment without any payment. He has refused to leave.

The apartment is a 2 bedroom flat in Aguda Surulere, Lagos. The tenant's name is Mr Chigozie Okongwu James.

We don't want to take law into our hands as it seems there is no solution to the problem through the Lagos Mediation Centre. It's about 10 months now!

What can my family do to get the man ejected from the apartment? Your advice are welcomed.


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