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"Dropping Psychology For Nursing. Am I Making The Right Choice?"

Dear NL.
Recently, I was offered admission into a federal university to study psychology. I've always wanted to be a lecturer, so I opted for a course that wouldn't be much of a problem to me. My plan is to give in my best so as to come out excellent, go for my Masters abroad and venture into lecturing.

The problem here is: my parent doesn't buy the idea. They keep saying that landing a lecturing job is hard to come bye these days, that I might end up being disappointed. Moreover, a course such as psychology isn't one to expect any thing good from, especially here in Nigeria.

Now they are pleading I consider Nursing, according to them, I stand a higher chance of getting a job in a nursing profession to psychology. They are planning on sending me out of the country after the program. Should I just dash off my dream of becoming a lecturer to pursue nursing?

I love being around young people, and being in a university setting as a lecturer gives me that privilege to teach, mentor and guide them and at the same time work on my self. I think I'll find fulfilment as an academic. I'm confused, what would you advise me, if I were to be your brother?

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