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"Desire" A Story By John Mfon

Dear nairalanders, DESIRE is my first comic series on this forum. I have written other stories and poems which have featured on different platforms. This is a brief rundown of most of my works.

DJCuppy and I(season1): A fiction series featuring Florence Otedolaand I(the author) though some settings in the story is fictionalized.

The Reunion: A comic series. Of love,betrayal and maltreatment.

Reason With Me: A powerful comic series which features 'Ekong philips an engineer who graduated from the university without a job. He meets a sophisticated lady whom he loves but lack of finance holds him down.he tries all his best to win the lady's heart but his effort seems furtile.

On Val's Day: A story of an agent who fell in love with a hardened lady criminal.He tried to protect the lady's interest from his colleagues who vowed to see the lady behind bars.A romance/crime thriller.

The Revolution: A science/crime features two world powerful organization who invented powerful technological devices to topple the world's government so as to rule over earth.The story is purely scientific,romantic and a crime thriller

I have composed powerful and outstanding rhymes and poems.soon the PDF version will be available. DESIRE is a rib cracking story,i hope you will enjoy........

John Mfon
Trinity productions.


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