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Advantages Of Using Cement Boards When Building

1. It withstands numerous environmental conditions, including salty air.
If you own a property near the ocean, then the salty air can cause devastating damage to your home’s exterior structure in a surprisingly fast amount of time. When you use fiber cement board for your house, then you are using a product that will withstand the elements for several years. It will even stop rain and wind damage from occurring in high-risk environments for a fraction of the cost of the other siding choices.

2. It is a product which is not flammable.
When you poll the average homeowner about what events scare them the most, a fire at home is usually at or near the top of the list. That’s why fiber cement board is such a fantastic product to use for both interior and exterior of the structure. 90% of the composition of this product comes from materials which are inflammable. Even in instances of extreme heat, this siding can hold strong.
United Home Experts tells of an incident where St. Paul, MN, firefighters responded to a blaze that was so hot, their fire trucks received damage from the incident even though they were parked almost 100 feet away. A structure close to the inferno that used fiber cement board was entirely protected despite the high heat levels. It has a Class 1(A) rating, the highest available, and is mostly unaffected by direct flames and heat.

3. It’s a product that’s waterproof.
It can be chosen to be used for wet areas like bathrooms most especially the shower areas, it accepts tiles and it’s a good product for protecting conceal tank of water closet(wc).

4. It is a product that you can paint if you don’t like the color.
When you choose fiber cement board for your home, then there are several base colors from which to select so that your home can have the perfect look right away. If you don’t see a hue or tone that you like with this product, then you can paint over it with an exterior-grade paint without compromising the integrity of the cement.
If you can install the planks without the extra coat of paint, then you won’t see the same levels of weathering and fade that you do with other exterior options either. Fiber cement board looks great with low-maintenance needs more than a decade after installation in almost any environment.

5. It provides you with complete protection against rot, insects, and vermin.
When you install fiber cement board on your home, then it provides you with complete protections against rot and pest infestations. There are no seams that overlap with this siding, so you receive a layer of protection against mold or mildew formation as well. Pests don’t chew through the product either since it is made from mostly concrete. These advantages all work together to reduce the number of allergens found in the home, providing you with better indoor air to breathe without a significant HVAC investment necessary.

6. It offers industrial-strength durability with an entry-level product.
You will discover that fiber cement board comes with many durability advantages when compared to the other materials which are available in today’s market. This product does not warp like natural siding does in high-moisture or extreme heat. You don’t need to worry about it melting like you would with vinyl siding. Exposure to UVA/UVB rays from the sun will not degrade the product. It is such a robust option that communities which see frequent severe storms that include hails or tornados will specify the use of it in their building codes.

7. It is a product which is environmentally neutral.
When you select fiber cement siding for your home, then you aren’t using a product that can release toxins when it breaks down as part of the waste disposal process. PVC siding is especially bad when considering this issue since it is a petroleum product that contributes to carbon dioxide emissions while also causing toxicity problems during disposal.
Although fiber cement board is not recyclable, it is an environmentally neutral product that you don’t need to worry about when it is time to make a change.

8. It offers a superior level of longevity for most homeowners.
When you choose fiber cement board for your new home or for a remodeling project, then you are selecting a long-term solution that requires minimal maintenance. The estimated maximum service life for a non-backcoated product from today’s manufacturers is typically 50 years. If you choose a backcoated version, then the maximum lifespan can reach 70 years. Even the warranty coverage for this exterior solution starts at 30 years for many producers, with some brands offering up to 50 years with your investment.

9. It is very easy to maintain fiber cement board.
The maintenance requirements for your new fiber cement board are straightforward. You can spray down the structure with a low-pressure water source, such as a garden hose, once or twice per year. If there are stubborn stains, debris, or grime on the surface, then a non-scratch sponge and some soapy water will help you to clean things up. Avoid using the high-pressure setting on your washer to avoid having the integrity of the paint compromised by your efforts.


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