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Why Onyema Was Flagged By The US - Advice From A US Based Business Man

I'll make it short.

CEO Allen Onyema (Air Peace) was flagged because in the United States, you don't make large purchases without forewarning authorities. The US economy and regulatory system is designed to flag and investigate anyone who makes a large single purchase, especially if it's not purchased with credit by the US creditor. Their reasoning is that

1. Large purchases can destabilize the economy and add an element of unpredictability to commercial markets. If Boeing makes 1 billion dollars from you 1 year, and doesn't make that 1 billion the next year, uninformed shareholder will panic and think the company is declining. Shareholders are interested in measured, incremental growth, and if a purchase is too large and done without warning, it will cause panic. You are also interrupting the companies planning and projections. While every business wants to make money, a corporation is more concerned with long term survival and controlling it's resources than gain. The wrong type of gain will hurt your ability to borrow. It's important to remember that before large purchases are made between corporations, they usually give each other months, or a year forewarning, and notify banks + authorities.

2. In the US, the only people that make large purchases without credit or lawyers, are criminals. This is what the US regulatory agencies believe. If you spend more than $10,000 without borrowing, the Internal Revenue Services will be notified. They will then inquire into your earnings, your spending habits, and your source of income. If these things don't match up with the ability to make a $10,000 purchase, you will be questioned and audited. During the audit, you will have to prove how you were able to spend that type of money in one go. This applies to any and everyone. Anyone that's able to spend more then $10,000 at once almost always hires lawyers and Financial Advisers certified by an accredited board. This 'financial team' answers audits and fights authorities and investigations while you spend you money as you wish.

If you look at every major company in the US, they have entire offices and buildings dedicated to staffing lawyers and auditors because they're under investigation 24/7. Even small businesses (business that make under $1 million USD annually) have advisors and lawyers dedicated to making it possible for them to make necessary large purposes.

What is ideal in the US system is if you put all of your cash in their banks and borrow from those banks when you need money, against the amount you have. This is the #1 way to keep auditors, the IRS, and various investigative departments away from you because you're no longer a threat to the economy, and there's a paper trail on your spending.

Below, I have a risk of 'IRS Red Flags'. These are the things that the US Federal Government look out for, and when seen, will investigate with the proper authorities. Sometimes these investigations involve more than one agency and this can include the Department of Revenue, Department of Justice, and Department of Commerce.

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