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Tips To Help You Land A Good Job In 1 Month Or Less

Hi, I guess you’re looking for a better job, for opening this article. Or maybe you are out of job already; I am going to show you how you can get a quality job within a few months. I have heard a lot of graduates complain that there are no jobs, but this year alone I have turned down about 5 quality jobs that wasn’t in line with my career objective.

“Sounds like I am bluffing?”

The fact is this; what is difficult for someone, might be so easy for another. The question remains “Why hasn’t everyone known about this method I know?”

It is simple. If everyone knows it, then it is no longer a secret.

Some of the points I will raise here might be something you might have seen or heard before. The truth is when you don’t do things the right way; you won’t get the right result.

Allow me to show you the 5 secrets I have used to get various jobs that I ended up even rejecting.

1. Make your CV Engaging

The average time you can keep the attention of a hiring manager glued to your CV is 7 seconds. This means that he has about 7 seconds to know exactly who you are (strength, abilities and suitable job role).

Can your CV explain you in 7 seconds? If NO, how can you improve it?

Here are some tips;

- Replace your objectives with a “soft skills summary”. The hiring Manager already knows that your objective is looking for a better job, so why waste time and space explaining it? It is advisable to explain some of your soft skills, as it gives it a human feeling behind the resume.

- Create a section for core competence: If you have between 2 – 5 years’ experience, or you have switched various job roles, it is advisable to list out your core competences. This will help show the hiring manager within seconds, where you could help or fit-in in his organization.

- Keep your Job description short, sweet, and straight to the point. Remember to highlight more of achievements than job functions.

In my next post, I will be writing extensively on secrets of writing a great CV, watch-out!

2. Do your personal research – Identify your core strength and values

You should know this even before you start searching for various jobs. If you intend to sell yourself to an employer, you should know exactly who you are and the values that you bring to the table. This will enable you know exactly, how you can pitch your skills.

Being able to list out your core competence, should already give you the knowledge of what exactly should be your job role in any organization.

3. Create Value – What is your unique selling proposition?

It is great you have finally identified your strength and values. The next question you should answer is “why should anyone hire you?”

If you can assure the police force of your ability to catch a dreaded criminal if you are recruited into the force, there is a 90% chance that you will be recruited. This same thing goes to employers.

These questions would help you;

- What exactly do you have that the company doesn’t have?

- What do they have that you can come in and make better and efficient?

If you can answer this question with good research and sincerity, then you are closer to the mark of landing yourself a better job.

4. Research and Connect – Network with people that Matters

Now that you know what makes you stand out in a unique industry, it is time to connect with people in that industry. There are so many way you can totally achieve that;

- You can attend events concerning that industry. For questions regarding how to know about events, I suggest Eventbrite, Nigerian Seminar and Trainings, Facebook Events, Nigeria Chamber of commerce, Techpoint Weekly Events. All these will keep you abreast of happenings, and also allow you meet people with whom you share the same interest.

- Connect via LinkedIn. This is my favorite and it has worked so well for me. There are lots of works to be done even before you start dreaming of using your LinkedIn account to connect with influential people.

- You must have a LinkedIn profile that is in line with your CV

- Contribute extensively in your target sector

- Proffer solutions to issues affecting your preferred working sectors

- Take time to connect with Human Resource Managers or personnel

- Target CEO’s, Managers, Recruitment agencies, and connect with them. LinkedIn is not a social network to make friends and read daily news.

- Once the connection has been set in place, then you move straight to the number 5 tip.

5. Email Marketing – Sell yourself by mail to book for an appointment or interview

LinkedIn gives you an ample opportunity to access the emails of your connections. I don’t mean sending messages to your LinkedIn connections on LinkedIn, soliciting for jobs. It makes you look like a loser – just stop it!

There are several ways you can go about it like a professional. Here are some tips

- Make sure you have a good number of Top Connections (If you don’t have, you can buy)

- Download your connections – I will make this a topic for another day.

- Use any Email Marketing Template from top Email marketing agencies. I do prefer This will help you eliminate the issue of Bcc and Cc while sending out the mails. The moment a person notices that they received a broadcast Email, they become disinterested immediately. So I always use Email marketing Templates to do that for me.

- Create a compelling cover letter as the Email message, put links to your LinkedIn profile (If it is professionally presentable), any other resource that would enhance your worth, and also attach your Resume.

- Then SEND!!!

If you know all these, you shouldn’t leave a month outside of your job without getting another. These are secrets that top professionals in the industry use to move seamlessly from one job to another. Now you know them, what is my reward for exposing the secret?

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