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"The Sacrifice" A Story By Topher052

Chapter one

Andrew needed to give himself hope of surviving against all odds. He turned to Susan who laid on her side and her head covered in his denim blue jean jacket. The desert wind and scotching sun had sapped every moisture left in them, all he worried about was his beautiful wife who was already dying of thirst and there was nothing he could do.

It had been a week already since the ambush on their desert jeep conveying some land travellers through the desert by
masked Arabians. Everyone else was murdered except Andrew and Susan who escaped due to Andrew's daring confidence to risk runaway amidst flying bullets raining on their jeep.

For one week they lived on insects and managed four bottled water in Andrews traveling backpack which he escaped with. After five days, Susan drank the last drop giving them no other choice but hoping for a kind of miracle.

"sweetie, did you hear that?". Susan said tiredly lifting herself up from the white sand.
Andrew immediately went to assist her as she looked desperately around.

" what is it sweetie?". Andrew's voice laden with emotion.

" I hear voices coming for us!". She said pacing around, then suddenly stopped and looking in front of her, like she could see something in a distance.

" what's it, what are you showing me?". Andrew asked with tension brewing under control in his gut.

"cant you see them? Help is on its way!". Her voice dry as she beamed a lunatic smile standing up using Andrews arm for support. And then she abruptly stopped, the spark faded into despair. " where are they? I saw them I swear!". Her voice husky almost in a whisper.

Andrew knew his wife was hallucinating, he believed her the first time, but after she repeated it an hour ago and now, he felt helpless and hugged her trying to form words instead hot tears ran down from his eyes , he immediately wiped it off and hid his face from her as she kept looking the direction as if expecting them to return muttering.

"I swear, I saw them".

Every night he tries to cover some distance due to the unfriendly desert sun hampering their movement during the day. But this very night Susan was immobile, she could only move herself faintly speaking gibberish putting the worn-out Andrew in precarious state .

He buried all plans to move that night and cuddled her trying to sing to her, but his voice produced a distant unfamiliar whisper. He too was tired and thirsty but he kept reminding himself to be strong for her.

Andrew and Susan first met in high school, it was love at first sight and they have remained inseparable ever since. Susan even declined her admission twice because they planned on entering the university together.

Immediately after school they got married but had jobs they barely got by with.

One day, on their way back from church, the lovers bumped into Musa, Andrews childhood friend who had lived overseas for 10 years, he and Andrew had a catch-up and he voluntarily promised to help only if Andrew could find his way to Italy.

After that meeting, Andrew lost all sleep, everything felt meaningless even his job, kicking against Susan's advice to be cautious. He saw this as a god sent avenue to give Susan the life he had always promised her.

One Tuesday afternoon, Susan's phone rang at work, it was Andrew calling.

"baby guess what!". Came an excited Andrews voice over the phone.

She turned to her colleague with a smile, the pregnant middle aged lady returned it and adjusted her antenna to know what's sparking her friends mood.

"what happened?". Susan asked circumspectly rolling her eyes.

"I have found an affordable way to travel!". Andrew shouted into her ears.

She let out an excited giggle and asked." How did you do it?". This time she was facing her colleague who was smiling with her.

"don't worry, when you get home I'll tell you!!". Andrew said.

Now hot tears ran down his cheeks as he remembered Susan's warning against his plans due to the ill stories her colleague shared with her about travelling on land. It all fell on deaf ears to the anxious Andrew who perceived her caution as fear.

After futile attempts to stop him, Susan obstinately decided to come with Andrew. She needed to protect him and tenaciously objected every attempt to stop her.

A thought flashed through his mind suddenly while he was still holding her "blood is water!". He said out loud, then gently moved away from her and immediately started looking for what to cut himself with. He found a rock, came back to her, knelt beside her, cut his wrist open and blood pumped out like a burst pipe of water. He quickly rushed to her mouth and put the cut in it, gently placed her head on his thigh.

" drink baby, drink!". He said as he positioned his wrist in her mouth.

She started moving her mouth slowly, then accelerated abruptly and grabbed his wrist partly unconscious sucking hungrily, though it tasted awful but it felt reviving having a liquid resuscitating her.

Her clinched grip and mouth on his cut sent a shivering pain through him, but he felt better knowing he could do something at least.
To be continued...

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