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"The Hole In The Wall" A Story By Souloho19

alright FAM, I'm here again...let's create something beautiful.

the journey we're about to embark on is actually the sequel to 'delayed diagnosis' which means Rex Obasi is backcheesy

if you're not current here's the link to catch up:

The Hole in the Wall


Chapter 1
Who, What,

The Lady pushed her cart somewhat mechanically. She stopped at a door prepared to knock, but her hand stopped in mid air as she noticed the sign hanging on the doorknob; do not disturb!
She pushed her cart past the door to another and seeing no sign knocked gently.
She knocked again, and hearing no response she used her key card and opened the door. Before she could even push her cart in a voice shouted harshly. "Come back later, let me sleep for God's sake!"
She withdrew hurriedly and shut the door, and without a word pushed her cart further down the hall. She was used to such petty tantrums from the hotel guest. She didn't give a shit about them, she just wanted to do her job which was to change the towels and the sheets, clean the room and get out of there.
There was also no reply from the next door and she entered the room announcing her presence as she pushed her cart ahead of her.
"I want to change the sheets please, I'm from drycleaning"
She got no response and noticed the room was empty. She sighed out in relief and began to hum as she headed to the bathroom first. The towels were obvously used and on the floor in a bunch. She wrinkled her nose as a pungent ordour irritated her. She couldnt place the source of the ordour but it was strange and foul and irritated her. She smiled wryly at the irony. Considering the fact that she was a cleaning lady. But apart from the dirty towels on the floor, the toilet was still as she had left it the day before it was still so clean it might have never been used.
She reentered the room rolling her sleeves, looking round, whoever had been in this room must have checked out last night, the bed was exactly as she had made it 24 hours earlier. But what was that odour that forced her nose to wrinkle?
She observed the bed and sniffed the air. Suddenly she dropped the new sheets on the bed, and crawled across it without taking of her slippers. (She was the one who would still wash the sheets after all) she peered at the wall above the headboard.
There was a hole in the wall. A circle, carved perfectly into the wall with smooth curves as if it were part of the architectural plans. She looked at it confused but intrigued, it had definitely not been there before.
She peered into next room from the hole, just with one eye. She could see the bed, and part of someone's legs. someone was asleep in the other room and another guest had somehow drilled a hole and spied on the other guest. She frowned as she considered this. She could imagine a pervert peering at a female guest while she was Unclad in the next room. But the legs she was seeing was hairy, and definitely masculine. Overcome with curiosity she changed her view, shutting her right eye and staring through her left.
She saw....the bed clearly from this view and she pondered what the sticky thing she was looking at was for a split second then the brain finally clicked with the realization that it was in fact looking at one. One that had been blown apart, the pungent odour attacked her along with the realization and the flashes clicked like shutters beneath her eyelids in her mind..engraving itself forever in her memory.....the blood, pasty and sticky, so red and thick ...the whitish pinkish fluid which wasn't a fluid but solid matter....particles of brain matter..the...the... The scream ripped out of her coming from deep within, the mirror shook, so did the chandelier up above. This was a scream too high to have come from the throat. this kind of scream originated from the soul. It had to be.
She ran out of the room, her hands shaking, her eyes blinking, trying to unsee what it could not. All the while, she didn't break or gasp for breath but continued screaming.
And the glasses continued to rattle.


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