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"Ocean Of Secrets" A Story By Millieademi

Hi guys, this is my first post on Nairaland. I wrote this last year. Though it's still undergoing major editing surgery, I thought to share this with you.

Please note, I'm not a perfect writer. So don't judge too harshly.



Jeremiah 17:9 KJV
The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Chapter 1

She looked up and met the creases in the forehead of her caregiver. The poor woman thought she was angry with her. She wasn't. She was just out to get through to her son. If he thought he was stubborn, she would show him where he got it from.

”Mummy, please you've not eaten for two days. Please you have to take your drugs. ”, the young woman pleaded.

”I'm not eating. ", she replied doggedly. Her caregiver threw her hands up in exasperation and left the room, obviously headed to call Bámidélé.

Good. Step one accomplished.

She stood up slowly, weak from not eating for two days. She heard a nice, melodious giggle coming from outside. She shuffled to the window and saw a young lady on the phone talking and laughing. She found herself smiling. The girl's aura was contagious. She was probably the new tenant. A thought flickered in her mind - she'd be good for Bámidélé, if she didn't have a boyfriend. She looked at the girl once more. One thing was sure; she was beautiful and quite voluptuous. The jeans she wore clung to her hips and bottom like a second skin and though she wore a baggy sweater, there was no mistaking she had ample bosom. She also had childbearing hips.

Good. Definitely, Bámidélé would be as virile as his father was and in no time I'd be bouncing my grandchildren on my knees.

She turned away from the window and sat on the nearest sofa. She sighed and tears rolled down her cheek. Grandchildren, those were the only thing Bámidélé hadn't given her yet. He was the perfect son, excelling academically, winning scholarships and providing for her.

She smiled as she remembered the day he made her that promise, after her husband had thrown her out of his house and life with their five year old son. She remembered his little hands that wiped her tears from her face, and his brave voice that promised that she wouldn't cry again. He was so brave at that age, not crying even when the only father he knew called him a bastard and his mother a ten kobo prostitute, he never cried even with the hunger and suffering.

She sobbed as she remembered her husband. He was her first love. He was a youth corper and she was an SS3 student. Everyone told her he only wanted to sample a young virgin as most corpers and university students were experienced and could see through all his lies. She ignored them and eloped with him. He was true to her and she felt like sticking out her tongue to everyone who told her he wasn't genuine.

She had wanted to study liguistics but he said he preferred if she was a teacher, so she could have time for him and their children. She was blinded by love so she forewent her admission into the University of Reefs in Lagos, one of the best universities in the country and opted for a College of Education. He never touched her all the while she lived with him until the night of their registry wedding when she was in her second year in the College of Education and she respected him for that. It was all rosy until one day. She shivered with sobs as she remembered that dreadful day.


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