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How To Encourage Communication, Innovation And Performance In Your Employees

One of the ways to achieve desired growth in a workplace is by effective communication. Communication is very important at work; whether to suggest a solution, state a point, ask questions, exchange pleasantries etc.

Effective communication establishes strong relationships and getting work done. No matter how short the communication may be it will make a difference regardless of what the business is into.

Effective communication with employee is something that takes time, effort, repetition, thoughtfulness, patient (but there should be a limit), training etc., reasons being that, human beings are heterogeneous and as such we tend to have different expectations.

As a Leader you should try and understand all your employees; their strength, weaknesses, abilities and personalities. Initiate communication when the need arise, give your employee that homely feeling when at the workplace.

There are many reasons for lack of communication from employees: ranging from lack of confidence, toxic work environment, too much hierarchy, rigidity etc. Most times, mistakes have nothing to do with how skilled a person is, it is a simple as a result of lack of communication.

To encourage communication among employees;

Create a safe way for them to practice,
Set up weekly and/or monthly meetings
Give everyone a platform to communicate,
Organize few fun non- work related meetings
Initiate communication by asking open-ended questions i.e what would…? How would/can you..?
In so doing, your employees become more comfortable with the work culture and key to the vision of the company.

When you are able to encourage effective communication; encouraging innovation and performance in your employee becomes quicken easy.

For your employee to adopt your goals as theirs and become innovative, boils down to the communication chain. Ensure you;

Encourage them to be more comfortable in voicing out their ideas, either via face-to-face, Email, Google docs or creating an idea box and put it in a corner of your office building or entry. Nurture such idea(s), involve the team, develop and improve it. If it’s not a sale-able idea make them understand and encourage them for trying.
Leave them to brainstorm and come up with ideas
Give them responsibilities that allow them to take initiative
Leave the door open for employees to try and fail; while guiding them towards success
Create a collaborative/teamwork space among workers; allowing them to brainstorm and come up with new solutions
Appreciate their innovative thinking, not necessarily in raises or bonus by word or praise, don’t be selfish with compliments.
Don’t work your employees out; long work can lead to exhaustiveness, frustration and resentfulness. People tend to be more innovative when they have enough rest and refreshed
Don’t have unrealistic expectations; don’t expect your staff to come up with a next big hit overnight.
Expose your staffs professional and educative events, training and seminars.

In conclusion, always remember that people within an organization are its biggest assets, from top level management to the executive staff and that, each and every member has his/her own unique contribution towards the organization’s growth. Communication and innovation takes time and your workers have what it takes, help them explore their potentials that will also be a benefit to your company.

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