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How Much Will It Cost To Learn Web Development?

Good day, guys,

Having saved up some amount of money, I am considering quitting my job and getting acquainted with an IT skill.

There is this friend of mine, who is a Web designer, developer, programmer and even a graphic designer; the guy is quite good (he started learning all these from a very young age).

When I contacted him and asked him to teach me Web development, he said OK, but his fee is 120k for three months. I opened my mouth in shock.

Well, long story short, I negotiated, and he finally cut down the price to 80k saying it's because we are friends. He said he would be teaching me Css, Html, Java script and NodeJs. I don't know Jack about all of that, I have only built sites with WordPress, but I feel the price is still too high.

Are there cheaper options for me or should I just go with him?

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