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Career Options: Should I Leave My Teaching Job To Be A Driver?

I'm a graduate learning Programming at the moment.

Since I can't learn coding on an empty stomach with no support from anywhere, I decided to take up a job as a classroom teacher in a primary school. The pay is #22,000 + lesson fee of #8,000 and I get extra #2,000 for the transportation cost of one of my pupils.

My monthly transportation cost is #8,000
Hence take monthly income is #22,000.

The perks of lesson notes and marking is killing me, besides shouting upandan in the classroom as I get home mostly exhausted.

Now I got a "connect" to drive for a car hailing service in Ilorin (like uber). According to the guy I spoke with, the pay is between #25,000 to #30,000 not yet sure, also there is a tendency that I may have to spend t-fare of #6,000 that is if I'm not allowed to take the vehicle to my place.
Which will bring the monthly down to #19,000 or #24,000

But I'd have time to rest and i won't get exhausted as usual

Hence my confusion. Should I go with the stressful job with a better pay or the less strenuous one with a lower pay. Also I'm considering the lifetime of the businesses due to the seasonal revenue of Ilorin, the school has a better chance of survival than the car hailing service job.

Please advise me.

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