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Automobile Event Data Recorder (EDR) And Its Function

Your vehicle has computers that monitor the control of certain aspect of your vehicle. These computers assist in driving and maintaining optimal vehicle performance. Besides storing data useful for troubleshooting, there is a system to record data in a crash or a near crash event. This system is called an Event Data Recorder (EDR).

The EDR which is similar to flight recorders is sometimes referred to as automotive “black box”.

The SRS airbag sensor assembly contains the EDR. In a crash or a near crash event, this device may record some or all of the following information:

Engine speed
Vehicle speed
Whether the brake pedal was applied or not
To what extent the accelerator pedal was depressed
Position of the transmission selector lever
Whether the driver and front passenger wore seat belt or not
Driver’s seat position
SRS airbag deployment data

If your vehicle is equipped with a vehicle stability control system (VSC), it’s ECU may contain another EDR.

There are a variety of driving situations which include activating the VSC under which the VSC EDR will record certain information. The VSC EDR may record some or all of the following information:

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