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"A Walk With The Devil" A Story By Devilpen

From: The Prime Insane Universe
Written By: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach

Jonathan tiptoed out of His room and gently He opened the door, and peeped out, lying on the old and torn three seated, was an aged man already fast asleep, snoring once in three minutes, Jonathan looked the other direction, staring at the oil stained idol which was about ten inches tall.
Leaning on the wall, Jonathan walked as silent as possible towards the wooden carved into idol, looking at the idol, Jonathan heart skipped a bit, He thought it impossible, maybe His mind was playing tricks on him, He was certain He saw the idol blinked at him.
Maybe He was only imagining the horrible scenario his Parents had told him about powerful idols. Clearing the thought of His mind, He summoned courage and picked up the idol, and Stucked it inside his trouser. He looked behind, and walked out through the door that led outside the home.

Chapter One
People gathered in large number, before a thirty storey building, which acted as sales point for trades of different kinds, ranging from repair of mobiles and electronics, selling of wares, petty traders, including fruit sellers. Looking up from below, a boy, suggested to be in His late twenties, stood at the dead edge of the rooftop, preparing to jump down from above.
"Someone should get to him, before he kills himself" A man dressed in blue polo and a black trouser said, holding tight to His polythene bag on His hand.
"He don lock the latch" Another replied the man.
People heart skipped as they watched the boy looking up at the sky, totally saying his last prayers.
Women holding tight to their heads, hoping a miraculous intervention should take place and the young man rescued.
"Arhggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh" Everyone screamed loud, especially the ladies, as the boy jumped down from such height, it was certain He would not survive. No one had a one percent chance of surviving such.
The body fell to the ground and almost immediately, people began to struggle to have a view of the horrible event.
"Oga comot, make I see" A lady shouted and used her nails to scratch on the back of a man.
"He is alive, call okada, make we rush am go hospital " Someone shouted from the front, which threw everyone into commotion.

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