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What Do You Miss About Your Primary And Secondary School Days?

As we all know pry and sec school is most important stage in Nigeria education where we had fantastic memories.

If I could say, they are more interesting than their successor.
if not for freedom in higher institutions.

I was in discussions yesternight with my colleagues on our WhatsApp group called "MY SCHOOL MATES". Over there, every 8 O'clock, we do have a program called "MY SELF" and different host every day. The host tell us about himself/herself. Then after, we direct questions to him or her such as; recite school anthem, who was your crush then, what was your best subject and teacher e.t.c. So I asked them this question "what do you missed most in your pry and sec school days?" I got crazy answers from them.

Lets know what you missed most in your pry and sec shool days

Mine was my school uniform
Pry(white shirt with easy patch navy blue stripes with easy patch navy blue knicker)

Sec(white shirt with arch trouser)

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