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PLEASE HELP! “I Noticed This After Sex With My Boyfriend, Could This Be STD?”

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Somethings been eating me up. I had sex with my boyfriend some weeks later i started falling so sick I will try to point out all I can remember

*Came down with what I felt was fever was burning hot so hot you just need to come close to feel the heat

*at night I sweat. Not just the usual sweat but one I have to change my clothes two times a night (this happened for like a week)

* I started feeling so cold especially in the morning. Doctor said it was pneumonia + a cough that lasted for three weeks plus.

*and the rashes I ve never have in my whole life spreaded all over my arms and back as well as my breast region.

* I also had serious muscle ache. Serious that my mom had to help me massage it. My neck did hurt too it felt like someone hit me with a blank on my neck

* nodes on my neck, groin, as well as ear.

* I started having blurred vision and sores on my lips like fever blisters

* and then injuries in my mouth, weird ones

* I have oral trush at least thats what I thought them to be. White tongue I have had this before but this onr is different. With slimy white things in my mouth every time

*I also experienced dehydration and dry mouth.

* also had a delayed flow

The symptoms are so much I can’t even mention it all. Most of these lasted for about a month +. I still have cold till this day.

I shiver most times and its my major fear. And the rashes are still there.

This Is the major problem. The nurse who was handling me said it might be an STD maybe HIV I took plethora of test including HIV after 3 months all came back negative, I was told to wait 6montgs to check for HIv again it was still negativr.

During this month I have seen so many doctors, private and government all they do is givr me drugs but I still experience the pneumonia cold( no cough) and occasional mouth sores as well as the rash. My boyfriend now my ex took HIV too it was negative.

Please doctors in the house what can this be. I have read so many threads here on naira land of people who had same experience but some later turned + they might be lying though.

I heard after 6 months and test is still negative then its not it. My question now is. What is wrong with me. I have spent so much on drugs and test. And no doctor is able to say what my problem is. Its making me crazy as I am even scared to shower because of the cold and I can’t let people see my body due to rash.

I need help.

What Should I Do?

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