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How To Buy Items At Cheaper Price At Idumota Market This Season

It’s now Christmas season and we all know that prices are deemed to rise to the peak this season. Now that the border have been closed, although, people still insist that rice is the only product that have been affected in the long run. So it’s better if we just buy the Made in Nigeria rice which is cheaper and affordable and also edible!

Am going to be showing you many tips, secrets and important buying and selling tricks in this article. And you can still apply this in any market you step on in Lagos, Nigeria.

Please am not assuring you that I know everywhere. So you are free to ask questions. People who have answers to your questions will answer you in the comments section. Thanks.

So lets get to business!!!

A Brief Note You Should Read About Idumota Market, Lagos

Idumota is the main place where all goods produced in commercial cities in Nigeria; Lagos, Onitsha, abah, etc, are sold in wholesale and retail quantities to final consumers who come from far and wide and other African countries.

Idumota is one part, you have apongbon, balogun and the rest. Depending on what you're buying. Idumota is just like a general name for one part of it.

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