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"How Do I Tell My Mum She Has Body Odour?"

Matured advice please.....

Ever since i was small my mum have always have this unpleasant smell.she baths often but this smell have choose to not go away, i heard she got an infection after a miscarriage because we do discuss it amongst ourselves,we her children. The smell comes from her private and i dont know if she is aware of it. She baths often but after sometime the smell starts again.

She came to my house for visit and i was embarrassed when my husband passed and was asking what was stinking up the kids room, i know it was my mum but i told him something else.

She is someone that always like tying wrapper without any under and you can imagine how it is.

I dont want to embarrass but i know it has always been an issue with my dad(they have seperate room coz of this).she get angry easy too but i really have to.

Ps she has treated infection often and on but this smell is what i dont understand.doctors should help too.
Why is it that the smell refuse to go away because she bathes morning and night(rule while growing up in our house)

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