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His Landlady Served Him A Quit Notice After Less Than A year

I was born and grew up in Lagos State and I moved from my parent house to stay on my own then I married with a kid now.
I moved into new apartment in the year 2018 and to my surprise this morning, 27th of October 2019, the landlady knocked my door and what I saw when I opened the door was white envelop, she handed it to me and left. I opened it and read through, my eyes opened widely as I saw Notice To Quit. I have done nothing and no reason is stated in the letter.
I became weak and didnt even know what to do for a while then i think i should share my shocking experience with my amiable family on nairaland.
When I packed in, I noticed many unreasonable things like ; 1000 naira for pumping of water every month and this doesn't include PHCN bill cos we use prepaid.
The box that contained the pumping machine switch would be locked and we still pay every month. I protested against that peacefully till I was given a key to have access to pump the water.
I later heard from different people who have left the house that that is how they do till they will frustrate the tenant out of the house.
I dont really know what to do, I need your reasonable advice please.

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