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Why Has FG Abandoned The East-West Road?

I used that road recently and it's sad that Buhari could abandon such a major road that cuts across all Niger Delta states (Nigeria's cash cow). I mean, this is the region that provides Nigeria with over 90% of it's revenue.

I'm not sure Buhari has added a single kilometer to that road since GEJ handed over to him in May 2015

The Lagos - Calabar coastal rail line which GEJ also handed over to him is now abandoned. Nothing is heard about it anymore.

Meanwhile, the mumu Amaechi is doing the usual eye service and fooling himself around. Mumu Amaechi's priority is to build a University of Transport in Buhari's village of Daura

It's sad, very sad
The ethno-religious colouration of Buhari's govt is getting disgusting.
Buhari is setting a very bad precedence that all lovers of Nigeria should kick against


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