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"Why Do Women See The Gender As Being Wiser Than Men?"

If you see two women discussing a man, the statement "men are the same" won't be far from their mouths. And from experience, elders around me have aptly said that women's refusal to bathe their heads is the reason why most of them are dunderheads (pun intended, but not a joke in the real sense). While searching for a wife, societal values, humility, religion topped my requisites. I got a woman with such, but when I finally got married, I agreed with my predecessors that women are necessary evils.

Before my wife's first pregnancy, she was demanding for sex at least twice a day. I found it stressful, but I knew what I signed for, and adjusted my lifestyle to have way for the new challenge. After her first pregnancy, she no longer wants sex as a result of showdown with pregnancy hormones. Now she wants sex like once in two months. That disastrous for me. For the first time in years, I replied my ex's message on Facebook asking for forgiveness. I couldn't cuddle my wife again so that she wouldn't be tempted to have sex against her wish because sex has become a rigorous exercise for her. But I needed a companion. So, ex is in touch, but I will never try anything with her again. At least I'm feeling catered for emotionally.

Whenever my wife wanted sex, she could no longer ask for it with words of mouth due to ego, and would ask me to rub her painful hip with balm. While rubbing her hip, she would say, 'move to the buttocks'. From there, she would start moaning, and the deed would be done. Tell me, is that wisdom on her part or idiocy? She was dressing up in front of me one day, and I started shaking. She said, 'just don't kill yourself, I'm not in the mood'. Then I planned to teach her lessons.

I reconditioned my brain to start rejecting sex, through neurolinguistic programming. It worked. Then one day again, she asked that her hip be rubbed with balm. I replied that what is hard in rubbing her own hip by herself? I refused to rub the hip for her. Since that day, it has been a tug of war in the house. I'm still pretending to be nice. One day I moved closer and asked why she these days not happy going to her office again. She replied, "why did you refuse to rub my hip for me that day?" I told her it's not in my plan to disturb her knowing how stressful sex will be for her. She couldn't say she actually wanted it to lead to sex. Since that day, it has been a dead silence in the house, everyone minding his or her own business. There are so many other idiotic acts of hers that I don't have the time to recall.

Why is it so hard for most women to get wisdom?


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