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OPPO Develops OPPO Share That Is Supposedly "Faster Than Xender"

Mobile phones were designed to make communication easier. From calls, to text messages, pictures and files, whatever the communication, mobile phones are designed to make it easier to share.

With advancement in technology and the internet, mobile phones have become smarter, hence the increased need to transfer information and communication of different types. At the early stages, multimedia files and documents were being transferred using removable memory sticks of different sizes and also through USB (Universal Serial Bus) drives.

Then came the infrared and Bluetooth short-range wireless communications technologies. Though this was much more comfortable for users, as it eliminated the hassle of having to open up phones to remove memory sticks or transfer files using cords, both, however, came with one challenge - speed. The speed of transferring a file was dependent on its size. In some cases, sending a file as small as 20MB could take up to 10-15 minutes.

In 2011, Xender was introduced into the scene and instantly became one of the world’s leading applications for file transfer and sharing. It was much faster to transfer files of any size compared to its predecessors. Although some smartphone companies created file transfer features within smartphones of their brand, it was a well-known consensus that Xender was still the faster means of file transfer.

It basically seemed impossible for any in-built smartphone file transfer feature to be faster than Xender, until the advert of the OPPO Share.

The invention of the OPPO share by OPPO mobile took the smartphone file transfer game to a whole new level. The OPPO share is an in-built, exclusive feature in OPPO smartphones that enables users transfer files among themselves, seamlessly and efficiently.

The OPPO share comes with ultra-fast speed that makes the seemingly fast transfer with Xender, look like snail speed. With the OPPO share, files are transferred in a matter of seconds, leaving room only enough for you to be in awe. Not only is it very fast, the range of the OPPO share is so wide that it is able to identify devices that are far of, unlike the challenge that is sometimes faced with Xender.

OPPO Share eliminates the unnecessary time used to discover nearby devices, it’s much more secure for file share because it doesn’t belong to a third party, it doesn’t require mobile data or WiFi to function and it preserves the maximum quality of files transferred through it.

Finally the reign of the Xender has come to an end, all hail the new king of file transfer, all hail OPPO share.

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