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"Help! Am I HIV Positive?"

I am a young professional sharing a room and parlour self contain with a friend. Now my friend has always been in the habit of bringing all sorts of girls to the house. This is a conduct which I have tried my best to ignore in order to allow peace to reign.

At some point he brought this particular girl and she stayed for sometime with us. From my conversations with her, she has an impressive body count and really dislikes condoms. At some point, she became very sick. Had white patches in her mouth and was very feverish. We had to take her to the hospital so she doesn't die in the house. The Doctor ran several tests on her and her HIV status was positive.

About a week later, I took my laptop to work and when I returned, I dipped my hands in the bag to retrieve my key only to be severely cut by a razor blade my roommate left in the bag. I asked him who owns it and he said he it belongs to the girl and he put it there hoping to dispose of it later. My heart bled. I rushed that night at about 9:45pm to Ikoyi military hospital to get PEP, but the hospital said I have to wait until the next day as the pharmacy had closed. The next morning at about 11:00am, after a lot of delay, I finally got the anti retroviral drugs.

Now after taking the drugs for about 3 days, the side effects were terrible and unbearable. I already had a subsisting kidney problem and the drugs was making it worse so I had to stop. What I want to know is what are my chances if I permanently discontinue the drugs? Am I going to seroconvert? I am scared shitless and if this happens to make me HIV+, I am seriously considering suicide.

Pls help me people.

Pls help me to move this post. I need to get as much input as possible.


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