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What Is The Extent Of Financial Help You Can Offer A Platonic Friend?

When a girl says she's in a platonic friendship with you, what does she really mean?

Is it just Casual friends with no relationship attached or Closed and deep friends to confide in with no emotions or affections or love relationship that you both are dating but absence of sex?

well I got a friend I asked her to define our friendship and she said we are just in a platonic friendship that's all. Though I like it that way cos I don't want any distractions as I don dey near to finish school so I'm battling how I'll shoot from this boundary 2:1 to first class which seems to be a Herculean task so dating and engaging on all those stuff may dampen my goal now.

Okay straight to the point, so this girl that told me we are nothing but platonic friends has some financial issues as she hasn't paid her fees as her parents are financially drained (dad got sacked, mom's business isn't flowing) so she risked suspending her studies cos she couldn't register her courses and the school fees is 50k (Course registration inclusive) and she had to struggle and hustle during the holidays and earned 20k and now needs 30k to complete an pay her fees and register her courses.

I long paid mine and there's this work that entered for me an I had 50k gain and tho I don't have any pressing needs except to boost my wardrobe and save the cash or by my mumsy a present.... But my mind and conscience is irking me that I should send her the 30k and help her out but that money is too much to give out to a platonic friend that I'm not sure I'll marry, so I should just start taking care of someone's future wife Due to the issues she's passing thru she may not be able to pay back.
so guys what's your advice in this? what's the extent of help u can give a platonic friend?
Had it been u were in my shoes would you lease out such amount of money to a platonic friend without refund

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