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BBC Interview With Sunday Igboho About Fulani Excesses In South West

The interview was conducted in Yoruba, it worth watching if you understand the language or find translation to your local language.

We don't have to go through war to divide, it's not by force to stay together, we need to respect each others territory.

Protesters were dealt with ferociously yesterday, shot at, tear gassed and charged with treason, while Buhari/Tinubu, Lauretta Onochie etc staged the same in 2012, what would have happened if GEJ cracked down on them back then?

Buhari should rise to the task and address the issue that affects the common man, security, corruption, agriculture and no to selective corruption prosecution, he gave us the impression that corruption and corrupt people like Akpabio will have no place in this country, these are men wine and dine with him.

Watch the video. May God help us.


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