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Please Help! What Do I Do In This Situation? (Mature Minds ONLY)

This is my story is short.

When the first girl I loved, whom almost ruined myself and future for, dumped me, I swore to take my revenge and never to love any girl again

Basically I started dating several girls, this girls loved me though but I was just in for se.x, nothing more.

Fast forward to this year, my life triangulated between 3 girls.

1. The first girl loves me and will do anything for me. She is totally obsessed about me and I can do anything just to be with. She knows I’m not faithful in the relationship but doesn’t know I don’t love her. She is well behaved.

2. The second girl loves me but her shakara no be here, Las Las, we started dating, she is a jealous lover, told me everything about her last boyfriend and why they broke up.

On Sundays, we do go out together and she takes care of the bills. If I insisted, she will still find a way to return the favor. I like her Sha, but I don’t love her.
She is more keen on getting married.

3. The third girl loves me like kilode, we’ve known for 7 years but started dating last year, so far things are going on fine. Her personality and views about life just WOWS me. She is a liberal thinker and full of wisdom. Very considerate.

The problem now is that, since early last month, my heart is drifting towards the third girls. I can’t believe it but I have fallen in love with her already.

Now I’m beginning to feel bad about the first and second girls, I knew I don’t love them from the beginning but I kept them just for see.x sake.

I want to commit only to the third girl but cutting off the first and second seam impossible.
I gradually started cutting off communications with them but this is not yielding any result.

I’m scared of telling them I can’t continue with them…..they can do something stupid with the way suicide is on the increase now.

Even as I’m typing this, the second girls called but I lied to her that I traveled.

Pls, if you have been in my shoes before, how did you manage to get over it.

NB: bashing is allowed but I need help ohh

What Should I Do?

Comments Below.

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