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Arsenal Players Attacked By Armed Men, Fought Off By Sead Kolasinac

Mesut Ozil and Kolasinac were in the limelight this evening.
Both players were together in Ozil's car. The Arsenal FC player who recently got married to his stunning Turkish wife was driving, with his wife sitting in the front sit. Sead Kolasinac who got married few weeks after Ozil, was at the back sit.
They got stopped by two men wielding knives, it was a moment of bravery, in the face of such terror. Kolasinac defended Ozil and tried fighting off the two men with his bare hands. Mesut Ozil later drove off to the nearest restaurant for safety after the men got away.
Arsenal FC confirmed both players are safe and fine now.
Kolasinac a.k.a The Hulk is known as one of the strongest footballers currently in terms of pure strength.
I wonder why anyone would want to face the hulk tho.
Get you a friend like Kolasinac

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